Social Media that Breaks the App Store Algorithm

Use social media to reverse engineer the App Store

It takes months, even years to develop a mobile app. But once it’s launched, you’ll realize there are millions of apps, making the App Store an extremely competitive platform to trend.


Josh Anton, founder and CEO of X-Mode Social talks about how he grew his first app called Drunk Mode from 0 to over 2,000,000 downloads. How? By using social media to reverse engineer the App Store algorithm.


The App Store Algorithm

The goal is to rank within the top 1,500 apps for your category– that way you’ll be considered ‘trending’. You have to get 6,000-7,000 downloads within 24 hours, and the day following your app should be listed as one of the top trending. To get those 6k-7k downloads, check out the following hacks using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit.


Trend using Twitter

Have your entire team tweet an update about your app. Don’t include a link– this way people need to look it up on the App Store themselves, improving your App Store optimization. Have everyone on your team retweet, delete, then repeat. Every time someone retweets content, it gets pushed to the top of the newsfeed. By deleting your retweet, then retweeting again you’ll extend the longevity of the post relevancy. Influencer agencies like Trendpie do this at scale and automate the process.


Trend using LinkedIn

Similar to Twitter, have your team post a status update, not including a link to your app. Include a call to action, asking people to comment their feedback. Based on the LinkedIn algorithm, every time someone comments on a post, it shares to their network. By replying to every one of your comments, it increase your post relevancy for your own network.


Trend using Facebook

Getting post shares is highly ranked in terms of the Facebook algorithm. Post an update on your company page (once again leaving out a link to your app), and have your friends and team share it. Since it’s posted on a company page, you can boost the post to get more reach. The more reach your post gets, the more downloads for your app.


Trend using Reddit

Forums like Reddit get over 330 million unique views per month on their trending page. Services like Social Elves to get your app mentioned at the top by using their own network and technology to boost your listing.