Best Practices to Promote your Mobile App

A mobile app marketing strategy is crucial to getting app downloads.


Here are some best practices to follow.


If you’re just getting started we recommend taking the time to create a pre-launch strategy. Get your followers excited to download your app before it even launches.



Make the app a necessity with app-exclusive offers. This is a great way to promote app awareness and downloads with incentives for first-time users. It also drives ongoing engagement with product releases and discounts available in your app.



Promoting your app on social media is key. Your followers are loyal customers who definitely want to know about your mobile app! We recommend posting on the feed as well as in stories.



Leverage your email list to get app downloads. Regularly promoting your app within your email campaigns will help convert your email subscribers to app downloads.



Use video content that pops to promote your app.



Once you start getting downloads, don’t forget to send your new app users push notifications. Push notifications are a powerful tool that lets your brand stay top of mind and helps to increase conversions.



The influencer marketing industry is set to reach $10 billion by 2020. Working with brand influencers is a worthwhile investment because it’s comparable to or better than other marketing channels. There are different types of influencers including micro-influencer, celebrity influencer,  blog influencer, social media influencer, and key opinion influencer.

Lahana has collaborations with influencers like Victoria Villarroel (Kylie Jenner’s ex-assistant with a whopping 712k followers).