Set Up Your Apple Pay setup

Learn how to complete your Apple Pay set up.

Show Me Where


Step 1. Download the certificate we sent you via email or chat. Ex: apple_pay_example.cer


Step 2. Visit your Shopify Mobile Apps settings:

OR  In the left sidebar, click on Mobile App


Step 4. In the Apple Pay section, click Enable.



Step 5. Click the Next button twice — the pop-up title should now say “Upload your Apple certificate”:



Step 6.  Click Upload certificate button and upload the .CER file we sent you. Ex: apple_pay_example.cer


Step 7.   Once this is complete, your Apple Pay section should now display your  MERCHANT ID. Your Apple Pay is now fully set-up and ready for live purchases.



Note: To ensure that your Apple Pay is set up correctly, we recommend making a purchase using Apple Pay on your app once it is live.