How Ratings and Reviews Can Take Your App to the Next Level

Find out how good ratings and reviews in the App Store can increase discoverability and app downloads.

The App Store continues to grow its expansive collection, with about 2.2 million unique apps available today. In order to grow your revenue on an app-based platform, you have to first get people to download your app. How do you ensure yours stands out?

Why Should You Care?

Ratings and reviews are one of the most crucial factors in getting a customer to download, maintain loyalty, and advocate for the app.

– 77% of people indicated on a survey that they read at least one review before deciding to download an app.

– Reviews are especially important for mobile retail platforms; A study by Mobile Action suggests 36% of people almost always browse App Store reviews before making an in-app purchase.

– A highly-rated (4 or 5 stars) app yields an overall positive perspective of the company within the minds of prospective customers

– A recent survey by Apptentive revealed that prospective customers are 8 times more likely to download a high-rated app than a low-rated app, regardless of their familiarity with the brand.

That being said, the stakes are high: Apptentive discovered that customers are much more likely to leave a bad review after a negative experience than they are to leave a good review after a positive experience.

Reviews: A How-To Guide

So how do you get these good reviews? Start small! Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members to leave you a good review in the App Store. Mobile Growth Experts’ 2016 Mobile Growth Handbook stresses the importance of procuring at least 5 reviews (the minimum before an official rating will show up in the App Store) and ensuring that they are good reviews to attract new customers.

Once you have a more established set of customers, consider including a request for them to rate the app within correspondence such as a newsletter – this is also a great opportunity to get the word out about your new app and bolster your downloads among your other customers.

A final way we recommend getting reviews is following up with a personalized email after the delivery of an order from your shop; check-in, thank them for their purchase, indicate your willingness to address any issues they may have, and request their feedback within the App Store.

ASO: The Way to Go

Good app reviews also bring your app closer to App Store optimization, the process by which your app appears first within the app store, thus increasing awareness from prospective customers and encouraging more downloads, purchases, and reviews.

App Store Optimization can be a bit intimidating but there are several steps you can take to improve your brand’s standing. Appster encourages merchants to use keywords in the app’s title to provide additional information about their app and to appeal to target customers, crafting an accessible yet informative description of the company, and include screenshots to highlight a beautifully-designed app.


Responding to Reviews

Apple has rolled out a series of improvements to the App Store review process, including the ability for merchants to respond directly to posters and for viewers to sort reviews by most helpful, most favorable, most critical, and most recent. In order to stay afloat, it’s important to do damage control within your comments. Both posters and viewers of reviews are at risk of purchasing less. Interfacing with customers via their reviews can greatly affect the user’s perception of the brand and prove that the company cares.

In Summary

Getting positive ratings and reviews is very important to increasing your App Store ranking and discoverability, which will lead to more app installs.

By following the steps above you can boost your ratings, reviews and App Store ranking.