Hundreds of App Reviews, One Contest

See how Harney and Sons Fine Teas got hundreds of app reviews with just one contest.

Harney and Sons launched an awareness campaign on Facebook with the goal of getting reviews for their mobile app. Instead, they got hundreds of entries and meaningful insights about their tea.


Their contest was simple: write an app review and include #DontWorryTeaAppy. That’s it. Six random reviewers were selected to win a $200 gift card.


To spread the word, they posted on their Facebook page, ran ads on social media, and sent a message to their subscribers. Over the course of a month, they racked up over 200 app reviews across iOS and Android.


What made this campaign awesome was how winners were randomly selected. Harney and Sons responded to reviews– showing they were listed to their app users and actively responding to feedback. Here are a few other notable stats:



Increase in sales through their mobile app.



Increase in unique store visitors on their mobile app.



Increase in orders in one month.



Check out Harney Tea’s promo video here: