Mobile Sales Boosted 40% After This Push

Create the ultimate flash sale through push notifications and mobile app optimization.

We all love flash sales, especially when it’s just in time for holiday spending. Fashion Nova utilized Labor Day along with a few other strategies on their mobile app to create the ultimate flash sale, resulting in over 40% increase in customer spending.


Step 1: Announce a promotion.


On August 30th, Fashion Nova sent out a push notification, inviting their app users to a 30% off Labor Day discount code storewide. Even with the promotion, sales jumped by 24% that day.


– 50% of all online orders were placed on a smartphone for Christmas 2017

– 20% of all annual retail sales are spent during the holiday season

– 64% of sales on Cyber Monday 2017 were made through a mobile device

mobile push notification


Step 2: Optimize your app.


Overnight, the design for Fashion Nova’s landing screen was redesigned  to highlight the ongoing Labor Day sale. Users were thrilled to see the special discount, even without having to update their app. Compared to the previous week, the amount of orders placed through the mobile app doubled.


– When having a sale, include the promotion as a header or first block in your app to optimize your landing screen.

– Conversions fall by up to 20% for every second delay of mobile page load time.

71% of mobile searchers expect site pages to load as fast or faster than desktop.

optimized mobile app


Step 3: Launch a flash sale.


On Labor Day, Fashion Nova sent out one last push mentioning an end to the sale. Buyers were pressured to either make a purchase or lose out on the deal, increasing sales by over 40% compared the the previous day.


– 50% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase immediately while using their smartphone compared to last year

– 75% of mobile shoppers have used a mobile coupon

– 5% increase in conversions when you personalize a push notification

increase in mobile sales