Multichannel Shopping with a Mobile App

Relying on one channel is a huge risk. In some cases, brands have a retail store, but customers are limited to shopping only during open hours. Most brands have a website, but that requires access to a computer and wifi.


That’s why offering a multichannel shopping experience is so important.

80% of people search for pricing on their phones while in the physical store.

The term show-rooming describes exactly that. Having an app will significantly improve your SEO, so even if shoppers are looking for better deals, having your app listed in the first few results will help direct them back to your store instead of reading buyers to your competitors shops.


62% of smartphone users shop using their phones instead of on a computer.

Having a mobile app makes mobile shopping a better experience for your buyers, and optimizes your store to convert. Compared to traditional websites, having a mobile app store will make sure all your call to action buttons are visible and above the fold, making it effortless for someone browsing to add products to their cart and checkout.