New Features – 2018

Announcing a redesigned, multiplatform and integrated new system.


Tapcart launched back in April 2017. Then, it was a team of 2 co founders and a goal to change the way ecommerce stores engage with their customers.


Tapcart 1.0 Connect a Shopify store to Tapcart, managing billing while products and collections sync to the mobile app.

Tapcart 2.0 Complete flexibility building your custom app, including push notifications, colors, fonts, themes, and content blocks.


Tapcart 3.0

Tapcart 3.0 was built on the fundamental idea of empowering merchants to control as much of their shopping experience as they can. We had to look at the ecommerce landscape and truly understand the trends in consumer, especially in the mobile front. Our main assumption throughout the development of the product is that merchants don’t control mobile consumer trends, however they do have the power to control almost every touchpoint they have with their customers. Today, native mobile technology has evolved to offer a fully immersive experience. For that reason, the development of Tapcart 3.0 focused on two things: engaging the user, and retaining the customer.


We added new blocks in order to make your app truly customizable and unique. You’ll be able to add recently viewed products and videos to your home screen.



With just one app design, you’ll be able to launch on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store simultaneously. This means twice the amount of app users, and twice the amount of customers too.



We’re now offering our own native analytics in addition to your Shopify dashboard. This way you’ll be updated on analytics round push notifications, usage, and so much more to better understand your customers and optimize your app to convert sales.



With the new version of Tapcart, you’ll be able to leverage the same integrations in your online store as your mobile app. From the Klaviyo email integration to Yotpo reviews, you’ll be able to engage and understand your customer like never before. The first round of integrations include:




But what about Tapcart 4.0?…


We’re always thinking about the next big innovation in ecommerce– that’s why we’re already working on Tapcart 4.0. The future looks something like this:


Magento compatibility

In-app live messaging

Mobile optimized web design

Video capabilities

Cohesive Shopify themes

Marketing automation suit