New Features – September

In the latest product update, we cover everything from exciting partnerships that you’ve been asking for, to brand new features that will boost your mobile conversions.


Here are the latest features:



Some shoppers know exactly what they’re looking for. They’ve already researched the product but are coming to your site to simply complete their purchase. The process shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we built our new Quick-Add feature. Shoppers can now view product details without having to load a new page and waste crucial seconds of shopping time. Quick-Add cuts the time in half for shoppers to add products to their cart, that’s 50% more time to pique interest and secure the sale.



Abandoned Cart & Checkout Pop-up

We recently added two new pop-up features to help your shoppers complete their orders.

The Abandoned Checkout Pop-up allows shoppers to see where they left off within a checkout process – even if their phone dies. With this feature, a user receives a pop-up to return to their abandoned checkout and redirects the individual to exactly where he/she left off.

We’re also introducing the Abandoned Cart Pop-Up. This pop-up alerts shoppers if they have items in their cart from a previous browsing session and encourages them to view their cart to start the checkout process.




For the first time ever, Tapcart is offering the ability to manage subscriptions. We’ve integrated with ReCharge, the recurring billing solution that lets you transform your one-time products into subscriptions and grow your recurring revenue.

Build brand awareness, drive loyalty, and long-term relationships with ReCharge.



Countdown Block

The Countdown Block is an animated countdown clock you can add to your app to build excitement and incentivize users to buy NOW. A countdown timer is an effective means of driving sales because customers will see that time is literally running out and will be forced to act quickly.

You can use the Countdown Block to promote a flash sale, new collection drops, limited edition app-exclusives, seasonal campaigns and more. The possibilities are endless!





We integrated with Quadpay so you can offer your mobile shoppers the ability to pay how and when they want, even if that means they buy now and pay later.   Quadpay seamlessly integrates with your Tapcart app so shoppers can now buy anything, anywhere in 4 interest-free payments. Remove the barriers to purchase today!



To request access to any of our new features or if you have any questions, please email

Don’t forget to let your customers know they will need to update their app in order to access these new features.