Rich Push Notification Tips and Examples

Learn how to engage customers with rich push notifications.

Rich push notifications have revolutionized the way brands connect with their customers.

With Tapcart you can send rich push notifications with images, videos, animated lookbooks and more.



Here are some tips and strategies for sending push notifications that get opened, generate excitement from your customers, and convert into sales:


✅ Make the title short and catchy. This is the first thing your customers will read and you should use it to break the ice. Grab attention by using humor and wit, incorporating current events or adding emojis.

✅ Utilize app-exclusive deals. Discount a product and let your push notification subscribers be the first to know about it. Send an app-only discount code. Share new product releases or valuable content to generate interest and drive traffic to your store.

✅ Attach a product or collection. Rich push notifications let you attach a product or collection to the push. You can send a single image or an animated lookbook that takes customers directly to that product or collection the app.

✅ Send push notifications regularly. Stay top of mind by sending push notifications on a regular basis. Customers have opted-in and are waiting to hear from you. Send them valuable content, exclusive discounts and new product releases.


Here are some examples of push notifications we love:













Push notifications enable you to generate traffic and sales on demand without having to rely on third parties or paid marketing. Focus your efforts on building app downloads and engaging your customers in a whole new way.

This is the future of customer engagement.