The Power of Push Notifications

Four ways to utilize push notifications to grow your online store

For the past few years we’ve been seeing a trend, shifting online shoppers into mobile shoppers. In fact, over 67% of today’s online shoppers are browsing on a mobile device. With Tapcart’s mobile solution, stores not only optimize for mobile, but with an app you can send push notifications with just a click of a button.


Compared to traditional email, push notifications receive 50% more opens. That’s 50% more opportunities to entice your customers with product launches, retain customers, promote flash sales, get more social media followers.


Product Launches

Femme Luxe tested a series of 3 different push notifications in just one week, focusing on new product launches.


By using the animated lookbook push notification, they were able to showcase multiple product shots in just one push. Combined with emojis and a killer ad copy, they saw a 43% increase in sales from their mobile app store. Here’s what they did right:


  • Use of emojis The 😍 and 🔥 are two of the most popular emojis of 2018.
  • Personalization Increase open rates by up to 82%.
  • Animated look-book Highlighted multiple product shots with just one notification.

Customer Retention

Fanjoy collaborates with dozens of influencers, offering exclusive merch for their fans. By leveraging push notifications, they’ve been able to retain over 30% of their customers.

Compared to 14.8% returning customer industry average, Fanjoy uses push notifications to promote new collections, products, and in-app discounts. Here’s how they were able to effectively retain customers through push notifications:


  • Limited stock Customers are 47% more inclined to buy out of fear of missing out.
  • Utilizing influencers Included an image and name of influencers using your products.
  • Call to action “Tap to shop” gave buyers instructions on what to do next.


Flash Sales

Fashion Nova’s Labor Day 30% off flash sale was a huge success. They updated their mobile app and website to optimize for the sale: landing screens to visually show products on sale, discount code banners at the top of their site, and sending out a few push notifications.

One push in particular showed an incredible conversion rate from browsers to buyers. After sending a final promotion reminder to their mobile subscribers, sales jumped by over 40% in just one day. Check out what they did:


  • Current events Take advantage of a popular holiday to create a flash sale.
  • Discount codes Customers are 8x more likely to buy when using a discount code.
  • Limited time Give customers no other option than to buy now.


Promote Social Media

The Ace Family uses their Youtube channel to not only sell products on their Shopify store, but to get app downloads and push notification subscribers. Within 3 months of having a mobile app, they were able to rack up over 1.4 million push subscribers.

Last week, The Ace Family sent out a push notification announcing a new video on their Youtube channel. Within a few hours, they reached over a million views in addition to generating over 30% more sales through their mobile app than their desktop store.


  • Building suspense Release dates keep customers on edge.
  • All caps Focus your audience’s attention to specific keywords.
  • “You” Talk to your users directly to increase conversions by up to 42%.