#Winning Tips for Social Media

Social media is growing at an explosive rate, with millions of people all over the world generating and sharing content on a scale barely imaginable a few years ago. This widespread generation and consumption of content has created an extremely competitive online environment where different types of content vie with each other for the scarce attention of the user community. In spite of the seemingly chaotic fashion with which all these interactions take place, certain topics manage to attract an inordinate amount of attention, thus bubbling to the top in terms of popularity. Through their visibility, this popular topics contribute to the collective awareness of what is trending and at times can also affect the public agenda of the community.

  • Live will be bigger than ever before
    • Instagram live, Facebook live and now Linkedin live
    • Best way to incentivize people to stay on a platform aka to hear more ads that’s how these companies make money
  • Stories everywhere
  • Social networks pushing for video more
    • Videos do better than text/photos literally on all networks
    • You can get more engagement
  • Better monetization
  • Comments increase
    • Social networks are going to start to look for comments
    • Proof for engagement value
  • Podcasting is on upward trend
  • Social media algorithms that will look more similar
    • Similar to FB
    • If you start driving traffic from the platform you won’t do as well
  • Youtube
    • Barrier to entry is less and less – you can go live every day
  • Transparency
    • the reason we are obsessed with influencers is because

Understand your audience and competitors

It’s important to know what your competitors are doing. You can stay on trend while understanding how their promotions and new product offering compare and align with your own strategy. Here’s how to turn on notifications for your competitors to see what they’re doing in real time:


1. Visit your competitor’s Instagram account.

2. Click the 3 dots at the top of their profile.

3. Select Turn on Post Notifications.


Other use cases:

– Encourage your followers to turn on post and story notifications for your account to be the first to hear about promotions, new products, and restocked items.

– Follow your frequent shoppers to engage with their content.

– See what influencers in your industry are posting about and who they are working with.

– Encourage your team to engage with your store’s content.