Word of Mouth Marketing

Learn how to use the power of social sharing to get app downloads.

Social sharing and word of mouth marketing has always been a solid form of promotion. Word of mouth marketing works because of trust. When friends, family, and other trusted acquaintances recommend products to others, it is highly likely that the person will take great consideration towards their suggestions. This is so effective that some companies take it to the extreme and only use word of mouth advertising, but for the purposes of mobile apps let’s keep the marketing 😀

“Can you give me some feedback?”


Your first step is getting your friends and family to download your app.  The reason why this is important because gathering feedback shortly after launching is key to optimizing your app. Tell your friends and family about your app, and have them tell others as well.


“I hate standing in line 😒”


If you’re ever in the grocery store, filling up gas, or at the coffee shop, there’s a good chance you’ll spend time in checkout lines. The feeling of frustration people get in checkout queues is a great opportunity to promote your app. Mobile apps take the line out of shopping, and streamline the checkout process. That is your value proposition so do not hesitate to spark a conversation to tell people to download your app. You can always create a fun special discount code such as “NOLINE” for this on your Shopify dashboard. It would definitely leave an impression on the person.

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